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Seasoned builder Kevin Stablier leads the company mission at MASTERBUILT.  With over 18 years of project management expertise, Kevin has successfully orchestrated the construction process from procurement to completion for a variety of single and multi-family dwellings to publicly funded institutions. Such responsibilities have included the scheduling of construction services, Quality Assurance and Quality Control management, project cost analysis, and budget performance oversight.

We use a very integrated project management system that allows our clients to get updates of their construction progress in real time. We also use Building Information Modeling (BIM), a 3D architectural modeling software that allows our client to see exactly what their home is going to look like via a virtual tour. You won’t have to worry about learning how to read blueprints! By choosing to work with our  Design + Build firm, you are choosing the Master Builder method of project delivery wherein your contractor has more intimate knowledge of the project thereby minimizing risk to you, the project owner. A single point of responsibility will reduce the overall delivery schedule and associated costs for your project.


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